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Upgrade fully fitted Clear Dome Opening Tilting Rooflight with sliding Flynet and Blind

Upgrade fully fitted Clear Dome Opening Tilting Rooflight with sliding Flynet and Blind

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Upgrade your non-pop top roof Escape Campervan seamlessly by replacing the standard mushroom roof vent with our Rooflight featuring the Escape Campervan Upgrade. This not only enhances high-level ventilation and comfort but also elevates the overall aesthetics of your campervan.

Every vehicle instantly seems so much more inviting when equipped with this compact roof light, which admits just the right amount of light into the interior.

Effortless Replacement:

  • Our Rooflight, designed specifically for Escape Campervans, offers a hassle-free replacement for the standard mushroom roof vent. The installation process is straightforward, ensuring a quick and easy upgrade without the need for extensive modifications. Say goodbye to the limitations of the standard vent and welcome a new era of functionality and style.

Enhanced Ventilation Performance:

  • Unlike the standard mushroom vent, our Rooflight with the Escape Campervan Upgrade provides superior ventilation with telescopic handles opening to four sides. This upgrade transforms your campervan into a well-ventilated haven, allowing you to enjoy fresh air from all directions. Perfect for those seeking optimal airflow during their travels.

Stylish Transformation:

  • Not only does the replacement improve functionality, but it also brings a touch of elegance to your campervan. The beige-framed Rooflight adds a stylish flair to your Escape Campervan, enhancing its overall appearance. Transform your campervan into a comfortable and visually appealing space for all your adventures.

Versatility for Non-Pop Top Roofs:

  • Especially tailored for campervans without a pop-top roof, this replacement ensures that you don't miss out on the benefits of efficient ventilation and natural daylight. The aerodynamic dome design minimizes air movement inside your campervan, creating a stable and cozy environment even without a pop-top roof.

Upgrade Your Escape Campervan Experience:

  • Make your Escape Campervan stand out from the rest by upgrading to our Rooflight with the Escape Campervan Upgrade. This replacement not only meets but exceeds the standard mushroom roof vent's capabilities, providing you with a superior camping experience on every journey.
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