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Camper Car Customer Reviews

"So glad we found this company to start our adventures with camper vans. We visited the company first after coming across them at a Show. We were welcomed to the workshop by Christian who took great care in giving us a realistic introduction to what we might expect. Indeed he allowed us to return on two further occasions to answer our questions and at no time did he put any pressure on us at all to buy. He is passionate about his products and this won us over completely. Before making such a large financial commitment he even let us try out the camper we were interested in and made sure we had a comfortable and enjoyable night.
Since buying "Little Liz" we have returned another three times to allow Christian and his staff to make good on his promise to answer any queries and to upgrade equipment that he had promised when we bought. Once again he was as good as his word and did so efficiently and without charge.
We are now set for our first year adventuring in our van and our early experiences convince us how well the conversion was done and how much thought has gone into the design.
Whatever bumps we might encounter along the road in future we know CCCampers will be there to look after us.
Can't recommend this company highly enough." - Ross Workman

Motorhome Campers Customer Reviews

"Great service from a lovely team of people who really care about what they are doing and delivering. I can sum CCCampers up on the basis they quoted a price for a job but on collection charged my less than quoted because they had managed to do the job cheaper than expected. You would not get that sort of honesty at most places so on that basis I am more than happy to make the 7 hour round trip to use them again. Well done CCCampers."

- Sally & Nathan

"Chose Cccampers because of all the positive reviews. We were not disappointed. Christian answered all my campervan virgin questions with patience and humour. Work carried out bang on time and to exceptional standard. When we collected Bella she looked fantastic. We were given a full tour and lesson of how to use everything. Now had our first trip away and it was perfect. A big thank you and unreserved recommendation from us."

- Kevin Marsh

RV Motorhome Vans Customer Reviews

"3rd van with CCCampers and wow what a van they have most definitely done me very proud" - Howard Tennant

"CcCampers work with you to ensure you get exactly what you want from your van conversion and treat you as part of the CcCamper family. Nothing is too much trouble and the standard of work is excellent.
Our van was a bespoke design that has turned out to be perfect for us. I cannot rate them highly enough."

- Jenny Bird

Stargaze roof Customer Reviews

"We have just collected our long wheel base Vivaro with its new pop top roof. A CCC original design and it is awesome. So very well thought out in all design and engineering aspects. Service has been very friendly, knowledgeable and positive, lots of additional advice given freely. Great value for great quality work. Recommended without hesitation."

- Jeanette O'Connor

CCCampers Customer Complaints Procedure

CCCampers Customer Complaints Procedure

1. Introduction:
a. At CCCampers, we understand the profound importance of your experience. Our dedication to providing quality service is unwavering, and your valuable feedback serves as our guiding light. This Customer Complaints Procedure is a testament to our commitment to promptly address and resolve any concerns you may have.

2. Submission of Complaints:
a. Your voice matters deeply to us. Share your concerns through the following empathetic channels:

  • Online Form
  • Email:
  • Phone: 0333 456 3345
  • In-person at our warm and welcoming office.

3. Initial Acknowledgment:
a. Every complaint is a unique story, and we ensure it receives the attention it deserves within 3 business days.
b. Expect a personal acknowledgment with a reference number for your ease of tracking.

4. Investigation and Resolution:
a. A caring staff member, devoted to understanding your perspective, will promptly investigate your complaint.
b. Your concerns will be met with a thoughtful written response outlining our compassionate resolution within 10 business days.

5. Escalation:
a. Should your satisfaction remain elusive, our Directors are happy to arrange a urgent meeting to provide a final resolution with the urgency your concern merits.
b. Your escalated complaint will be reviewed promptly, ensuring a resolution aligned with our commitment to your comfort.

6. Feedback Loop:
a. Your feedback, especially from moments of concern, is a catalyst for refinement. Your input shapes the contours of our ongoing improvement efforts.
b. Join us in our regular team meetings, where we discuss your valued insights to sculpt a service that resonates with your expectations.

7. Training and Communication:
a. Our staff receives ongoing training, not just to address common complaints but to approach each interaction with the warmth and empathy deserving of your experience.
b. Effective communication is the bridge to understanding; our staff is not only briefed but cultivated in the art of acknowledging and resolving your concerns promptly.

8. Reporting:
a. A compassionate log of your concerns and resolutions is maintained, ensuring a reflective record of your journey with us.
b. In our periodic reviews, we sift through the pages of your experiences to identify patterns and implement preventative measures with the care you deserve.

9. Continuous Improvement:
a. CCCampers is devoted to continuous improvement, recognizing that your journey with us is ever-evolving. This procedure undergoes regular reflection to ensure it embodies the care that defines us.
b. Any updates to this procedure will be communicated promptly, a testament to our commitment to transparency and your peace of mind.

10. Contact Information:
a. For questions or concerns related to the Customer Complaints Procedure, customers can contact: -
Phone: 0333 456 3345
Letter or in person : CCCAMPERS Ltd, Unit 3 - 5, Woodside Business Park, Beach Hay, Bayton, Kidderminster, Worcestershire. DY14 9NE United Kingdom.

Step into the embrace of CCCampers, where your concerns are met with the care and understanding you deserve.