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2.3 Elevating Pop Top roof canvas waterproofing

2.3 Elevating Pop Top roof canvas waterproofing

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Ensure your elevating roof canvas stays in top shape! CCCAMPERS recommends annual waterproofing to keep it resilient and long-lasting.

Why Waterproof?

  • Stay Dry: Regular treatment keeps your canvas water-resistant for a dry interior, no matter the weather.

  • UV Shield: Guard against UV rays, preserving appearance and adding years to the canvas lifespan.

  • Strengthened Defense: Waterproofing with Stormsure enhances canvas strength for enduring reliability.

Service Offer: Only £125

Trust CCCAMPERS to waterproof your elevating roof using top-notch Stormsure Waterproofer for just £125.


  • Extended Lifespan: Yearly care ensures your canvas lasts for years.

  • Peace of Mind: Safeguard your investment with our quality service and trusted waterproofer.

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Secure your canvas – contact CCCAMPERS now to schedule your annual waterproofing.

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