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Upgrade Your CCCamper Motor Caravan: Maxview Weatherproof Socket & C-Line 12 Volt TV Socket

Upgrade Your CCCamper Motor Caravan: Maxview Weatherproof Socket & C-Line 12 Volt TV Socket

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Upgrade your CCCamper motor caravan with the Maxview weatherproof socket and C-Line 12 Volt, TV & Satellite Socket for an unparalleled entertainment experience on the go.

Picture this: You're out on the open road, surrounded by nature's beauty, but you still want to catch up on your favorite TV shows or sports events. With the Maxview weatherproof socket, you can easily connect your caravan or motorhome to external TV and satellite sources without the hassle of routing cables through windows or doors. Its innovative design allows for seamless cable entry into your vehicle, ensuring a neat and tidy setup every time.

But that's not all. We're taking your entertainment setup to the next level with the installation of the C-Line 12 Volt, TV & Satellite Socket inside your caravan. This addition not only enhances convenience but also ensures reliability. By directly connecting your TV and satellite receiver to the vehicle's power source, you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment without worrying about external power issues.

Here are some key features of these upgrades:

  1. Seamless Cable Routing: Say goodbye to tangled cables and messy setups. The Maxview weatherproof socket allows the coaxial cable to route neatly into the vehicle, terminating into two F style connections for easy TV and radio access.

  2. Water Ingress Protection: Traveling in unpredictable weather conditions? No problem. The self-adhesive EPDM foam seal provides superior water ingress protection, keeping your connections safe and secure even in the harshest environments.

  3. Hinged Lid for Protection: Worried about your connections being exposed to the elements? The hinged lid of the weatherproof socket conceals cables during use, protecting them from rain, dust, and other outside elements.

Upgrade your CCCamper motor caravan today and enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience wherever your adventures take you. With these high-quality solutions from Maxview, you can stay connected, rain or shine.


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