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Alarm, Immobiliser and Tracker - Thatcham category 1

Alarm, Immobiliser and Tracker - Thatcham category 1

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Sentinel is a Thatcham S5 security system for Campervans. The Sentinel system stops thieves in their tracks with motion-detecting alarms, ignition control, and immobilisation, specially designed to provide you and your vehicle with the highest level of security possible.

A tracker system can be activated by a monthly subscription.


The Sentinel Motorhome lets you enjoy top-of-the-range tracking security, combined with our Vanguard Alarm to provide you with 24/7 protection.


View your vehicle's location, battery life, mileage, and other insights at the simple touch of a button with our app and/ or web portal.

24hr Recovery Call Centre

Our control centre team work around the clock to provide you with 24-hour protection, 7-days a week.

Euro-Wide Roaming SIM

A roaming SIM enables our system to bounce from one network to another for the best signal strength available so we can always gain a position on your asset.

Tow Alerts

We use motion sensors to detect when your vehicle is being towed so we can rapidly identify potential theft.

Power Cut Alerts

If the tracker is disconnected from the vehicle battery, the device uses an internal battery to send a power-cut alert to our 24hr recovery centre.

Low Power Alerts

Gain insights about your vehicle, such as low power alerts via text notifications or the MyPhantom app.


Our MyPhantom app and web portal provide you with access to important information and reports about your vehicle simply.

Driver Recognition

Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) is standard with our S5 and Ultimate systems. If your vehicle is moved without a tag present, we immediately trigger an alert.


Stop thieves in their tracks with our Ultimate device, immobilise your vehicle with ADR or, immobilise remotely using our Ultimate device.

Thatcham Certified

For proven protection that can lower insurance premiums, Thatcham uses strict criteria and rigorous assessments to evaluate performance and service.

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