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Winterising Service

Winterising Service

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Winterising Excellence at CCCAMPERS

As the seasons gracefully transition and winter makes its approach, CCCampers invites you to navigate this change with confidence! We understand that your motor caravan is more than a vehicle; it's the gateway to unforgettable adventures. Our Winterize Service transcends the ordinary ‚Äď it's a dedicated commitment to safeguarding your investment, ensuring a seamless return to the open road when spring ushers in a new season of exploration.

Why Choose Winterisation with CCCampers?

Picture a winter without the weight of hefty repair bills. Our preventive measures are meticulously tailored to shield your camper from winter's challenging embrace, preserving its performance and ensuring longevity.

Even if you're a daily chauffeur of your camper, neglecting winterization is like gambling with chance. Don't let freezing temperatures lead to rusted or cracked parts. Envision molds and bacteria wreaking havoc on wood, plastics, and your overall well-being ‚Äď a scenario we are resolute in helping you avoid.

What Sets CCCampers' Winterise Service Apart?

  • Drain the Water System: Infuse it with fresh tank fluid for a clean start.
  • Gas System Disconnect: Give it a hiatus, ensuring a safe winter rest.
  • Farewell to Mold:¬†Make sure that the customer has emptied the¬†living area and cupboards¬†cleaned with sanatiser, bidding farewell to potential mold growth.
  • Fridge TLC: A thorough cleaning and a touch of carbon crystals to keep it smelling fresh.
  • Protection Against Infiltration: Clean and service crucial areas to fend off water infiltration.
  • Special Treatment for Roofs:
    • Inspect seals for proactive water damage prevention.
    • Swift¬†identification of any cracks or holes to uphold the structural integrity of your camper.
    • Comprehensive check for mold and mildew, as well as inspections for rips, tears, and fasteners, ensuring both visual appeal and functionality
    • Thorough inspection for seamless operation.
    • Robust rust and corrosion prevention measures for all moving parts.
    • Precision tightening of any loose fastenings on moving components.

Your Role in This Adventure:

  1. Fill Up and Drain: Let the water system soak for 24 hours before draining before your first outing.
  2. Reconnect the Gas Bottle: A simple step to reignite the journey.

With CCCampers, savor the joy of another year of camping bliss. While winter may bring a chill, rest assured that with a camper prepped by us, the warmth of adventure awaits. Here's to a season filled with memories and journeys yet to unfold ‚Äď because your camper deserves nothing short of the best care, always.

Visit us at to embark on your winterizing journey!

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