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Nissan NV200 Escape Micro Camper Car Petrol Automatic

Nissan NV200 Escape Micro Camper Car Petrol Automatic

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Embark on Your Next Adventure with the CCAMPERS Escape Nissan NV200

Step into a world of adventure with the CCAMPERS Escape Nissan NV200, our entry-level camper that outstanding quality. This versatile vehicle is designed to offer you the best of both worlds, serving as a reliable everyday car while transforming into a comfortable camper when you need it.

Compact and Nimble

The Escape Nissan NV200 is perfect for navigating both urban streets and country roads. Its compact size allows for easy parking and manoeuvring, ensuring hassle-free handling. Despite its dimensions, it offers all the amenities and comfort of a high-quality camper.

Versatile Everyday Hero

Like all superheroes, the Escape NV200 can transform in an instant. During the week, it functions as your dependable everyday car, offering convenience and efficiency for daily commutes, school runs, and shopping trips. On weekends, it morphs into a well-equipped camper, ready for your next adventure. With modern features like an automatic gearbox, built-in air conditioning, and electric windows, it’s designed for both everyday functionality and camping comfort. Plus, with its ULEZ-compliant engine, you can explore without worrying about urban low-emission zone charges.

The Escape Duo Compact Camper

Meet the Escape Duo Compact Camper, one of the smallest yet most functional campers in our range. This compact vehicle boasts four travelling seats and cosy sleeping space for two adults and up to two little ones with the optional pop-top roof and bed.

The Escape Solo for Solo Adventurers

Designed for solo adventurers, the Escape Solo offers a single travelling seat/bed, enhanced floor space, and ample storage. The optional pop-top roof allows you to bring along up to two little ones, making it perfect for solo escapades with or without a furry friend.

Customise Your Adventure

Personalise your CCCampers Escape with your choice of colour schemes, reflecting your unique style and preferences. Choose between the Duo double bed or Solo single bed options to tailor your camper to your specific needs.

Features That Make Every Journey Memorable:

  • Bespoke low-level two-tone side kitchen unit: Curvaceously designed including stainless steel sink paired with a single gas hob.
  • 12V Electrics System: Including control panel with dual USB charging ports, light switch for roof lighting.
  • Low-energy Spot Lighting: Illuminate your nights with energy-efficient and adjustable downlighting, or opt for the free Halo Lighting system when you upgrade to a pop-top roof.

Connectivity and Convenience:

  • Double USB Ports, 12V Cigarette Lighter Socket: Stay connected and charge your devices effortlessly.
  • 10-litre Internal Water Tank: Stay refreshed on your adventures.

Culinary Delights and Comfort:

  • Single Hob and Sink with Stylish Tap: Cook with finesse in your compact kitchen.
  • Internal Folding Table for Outdoor Cooking Area: Showcase your culinary skills in the great outdoors.
  • 30L Fridge: An essential in a camper.
  • Certified M1-tested Slide-out Memory Foam Bed: Rest peacefully on a certified comfy bed.

Nissan NV200 Camper Car Features

  • Automatic Gearbox: Ensure a smooth and hassle-free drive.
  • ULEZ-compliant 1.6 Petrol Engine: Explore with a clear conscience, reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Rear Tailgate: Enjoy breathtaking views comfortably under the open tailgate.
  • Built-in Air Conditioning: Stay cool on warm days.
  • Two Front Electric Windows: Adjust your windows effortlessly.
  • Rear Parking Mirror: Reverse and park with confidence.

Comfort and Style

  • Matching Upholstery: Plush front seats that perfectly match the upholstery on your rear bed seat with the option for an upholstery upgrade.
  • Option to Upgrade to an Open Sky Adventure: Transform your journey with an open canvas roof for a captivating outdoor experience.

Your Dream Campervan Awaits

For complete peace of mind, our dedicated CCCampers team is ready to assist you in verifying details and making your campervan dreams come true. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, with expedited lead times from the initial order in just 12 to 18 weeks.

We accept credit and debit cards and warmly welcome part exchanges. Start your journey with the CCAMPERS Escape Nissan NV200—a small but mighty and exceptionally versatile camper designed for every adventure.

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Motor Caravan on Logbook UK Spec

In the UK, IVA stands for Individual Vehicle Approval. It is a process and set of requirements that must be met to ensure that a motorcaravan (also known as a campervan) complies with safety, environmental, and other regulations before it can be legally registered and used on the road. Here's an explanation of the IVA for motorcaravan requirements in the UK:

  1. Purpose of IVA: The IVA process is designed to verify that a converted vehicle, such as a motorcaravan, meets certain safety and environmental standards. It ensures that the vehicle is roadworthy and safe for use on UK roads.
  2. Conversion Standards: When converting a standard vehicle into a motorcaravan, it must meet specific standards set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). These standards cover various aspects, including structural integrity, fire safety, seating, sleeping arrangements, and other essential features.
  3. IVA Testing: To achieve IVA certification for a motorcaravan, the vehicle must undergo a comprehensive inspection and testing process. This inspection is carried out by a DVSA-approved testing station. During the test, the vehicle's compliance with safety and environmental regulations is assessed.
  4. Essential Features: The conversion must include certain essential features to meet the IVA requirements. Motorcaravan graphics, cooker, sink, bed, table ETC. The vehicle will also meet specific dimensions, weight and space requirements.
  5. Gas Safety: If the motorcaravan has gas appliances, they must be installed and maintained according to relevant safety standards. Gas safety checks are an essential part of the IVA process.
  6. Electrical Systems: Electrical systems, including wiring, lighting, and power sources (batteries or hookup), must be safe and meet regulatory standards.
  7. Weight Limits: The vehicle must not exceed certain weight limits, including maximum gross vehicle weight (GVW) and axle weight limits.
  8. Fees: All fees associated with the IVA process, including application fees and testing fees. are all included and so no extra cost to you.
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  10. Registration: After obtaining the IVA certificate, we will proceed with registering the motorcaravan with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). Once registered, you can legally use the vehicle on UK roads.

It's important to note that the IVA process is very complexed, and CCCAMPERS are very proud that we are very experienced in motorcaravan conversions and IVA compliance to ensure that your vehicle meets all necessary requirements. Failure to comply with IVA standards can result in legal issues and the inability to use the vehicle on public roads.

Can I Get Insurance?

Absolutely! Even though these vehicles are imported from Japan, many insurance companies are happy to provide coverage.

For some great options, we recommend

Caravan Guard - they will give you a 14 days free insurance with no obligation to buy an annual policy. Just say your dealer is CCCAMPERS when calling 0800 14 88 425.


SAFEGUARD - supply a special 12 month insurance for the price of 10 discount. Just say your dealer is CCCAMPERS when calling 0800 588 4926.

Nissan NV200 Specs


  • (Engine) 1.6 (110 Hp)
  • Continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT)
  • Powertrain Architecture Internal Combustion engine
  • Doors 5
  • Aircon yes

Performance specs

  • Fuel consumption (economy) - urban 8.8 l/100 km
    32.1 UK mpg
  • Fuel consumption (economy) - extra urban 6.3 l/100 km
    44.84 UK mpg
  • Fuel consumption (economy) - combined 7.2 l/100 km
    39.23 UK mpg
  • Fuel Type Petrol 
  • Maximum speed 165 km/h
    102.53 mph
  • CO2 emissions 166 g/km
  • Weight-to-power ratio 11 kg/hp

Engine specs

  • Power 110 hp @ 6000 rpm.
  • Power per litre 68.8 hp/l


  • 153 Nm @ 4400 rpm.
  • 112.85 lb.-ft. @ 4400 rpm.


  • location Front, Transverse
  • Engine displacement 1598cc
  • Number of cylinders 4
  • Position of cylinders Inline
  • Number of valves per cylinder 4
  • Equiped with timing chain that doesn't require any maintenance.
  • Fuel System Multi-point indirect injection
  • Fuel tank capacity 55 l / 12.1 UK gal

Nissan NV200 1.6 (110 Hp) | Technical specs, data, fuel consumption, Dimensions:

Compact Camper external sizes


  • Height 1.9m or 6ft + 2.8in when roof is down for travelling
  • Width 1.69m or 5ft + 6.5in
  • Length 4.4m or 14ft + 5.2in

CCCAMPERS 2-Year / 50,000 Miles Manufacturers Warranty

CCCAMPERS build warranty consists of a 24 months / 50,000 Miles (whichever comes first)

  • This covers all aspects of workmanship and components. Should defects be deemed to result from misuse, the warranty will be void. All appliances are subject to one year warranty. On a rare occasion, this happens any appliance that fails will be replaced with no labour charge from a CCCAMPERS AWS workshop technician. 

The vehicle is covered by a warranty package for 6 months from the date of collection

  • Your local garage is able to repair or replace without charge, parts that are found to have a material or assembly defect that is recognised as non wear and tear.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Towing Capacity?
You can tow up to approximately 1400 Kgs with these vehicles.

What Are the Bed Dimensions Inside?
The bed inside the van measures a comfy 110cm in width and 185cm in length.

Do You Service and Underseal?
Of course! Servicing and undersealing your campervan are crucial for safety, performance, longevity, and resale value. It prevents breakdowns, extends life, and safeguards against rust and corrosion. We don't skip these essential steps!

How Much is Road Tax?
Road tax for these friendly vans is £325 per year.