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1.3 Tyre Protector is the most effective puncture protection/repair solution in the World

1.3 Tyre Protector is the most effective puncture protection/repair solution in the World

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Why is ditching a the spare tire is a good idea. There are numerous reasons that has led to this trend becoming more widespread:

  • Weight.¬†Not having a 40-50 lb spare wheel helps to increase the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, since a heavier the camper‚Äôs engine has to work harder to achieve the same speed as when a lighter Camper.
  • Roadside Assistance.¬†Most people now don‚Äôt know how to change a punctured tire with a spare anyways, and increasingly just call roadside assistance to do it for them.
  • Modern Quality.¬†Modern tires are more durable, especially run-flat tires which are designed specifically to be able to be usable for a limited distance after getting a puncture.

What Is Tyre Protector?

a close up of a logoTyre Protector, is a liquid (gel) puncture sealant that is injected into tubeless, pneumatic tyres that will guarantee a permanent puncture protection for the life of the tyre.

a close up of a carWhen a tyre that has been treated with Tyre Protector encounters a puncture, the air pressure inside the tyre forces Tyre Protector into the wound forming an instant and permanent repair.

It takes only a small amount of Tyre Protector sealant to repair a puncture, there is sufficient material left inside the tyre to remain effective against many more punctures to come!

Environmentally Safe

Tyre Protector is non-hazardous, non-toxic and fully biodegradable. The product is fully water soluble and may be washed away with water.

Wheel Balance

Tyre Protector will not cause wheel imbalance when correctly installed and will not affect the balance of your tyres.

Life Span of Tyre Protector

Tyre Protector Lasts for the life of the tyre and the solution remains in its gel like state for the life of the tyre, continually offering protection against punctures

Tyre Warranties

Tyre Protector does not affect manufacturers or extended warranties on tyres or wheels.

You are also welcome to contact Tyre Protector, the company, directly to ask what CCCAMPERS will do for you.   or call +44 (0)1686 650327

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